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The Piezo Buzzers can work directly with the DC power supply. The advantages are high sound pressure, high sensitivity, and low power consumption. Generally, it is below 30ma, and will not exceed 60ma. It has good reliability, low power consumption and no circuit. The piezoelectric active buzzer voltage is not universal and can only be used within the operating voltage. The piezoelectric active buzzer uses a piezoelectric material that generates a charge when the piezoelectric material is deformed by an external force. Also, the piezoelectric material deforms when energized. It is mainly used in security, air conditioning, refrigerators, instrumentation, reversing radar, microwave ovens/computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronics, telephones, timers, vending machines, fusion splicers, industrial alarms, Audio equipment, cars, supermarket gates, and other electronic products.


Piezoelectric passive buzzer needs to be connected to the audio output circuit to make sound. The advantage is that the sound frequency is controllable and the power consumption is small, generally below 10ma, and will not exceed 30ma. In general, piezoelectric buzzers are driven by square wave (VP-P), and the voltage can be used universally. However, the sound pressure will be affected at different voltages. The higher the voltage, the higher the volume. The piezoelectric passive buzzer is small in size, light in weight, thin in thickness, low in power consumption, good in reliability, and low in cost. It is suitable for sounding devices on small electronic products such as electronic watches, pocket calculators, electronic doorbells and electronic toys. Microwave oven, washing machine, air conditioner, blood glucose meter, smoke alarm, parking sensor, tire pressure monitor, coffee machine, driving record, electronic clock, electrical products, burglar alarm, underground alarm and electronic toy sound. It can also be used as an acoustic sensor for voice-activated toys.


electromagnetic patch buzzer is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and be packaged, and convenient to transport. The advantage is that the voltage is small and the sound pressure is high. Generally, it can reach 85db under 1.5V, and the response frequency of the electromagnetic buzzer can be made lower. Electromagnetic patch buzzers are widely used in small electronic devices such as MP4 Bluetooth reversing radar, medical equipment, toy drone camera, car DVD, water dispenser control board, etc.


SMD buzzer means that the buzzer’s molded case has a small appearance and small size. It is in a tape and reel type package, and the pins can be flat on the PCB. It’s another type of buzzer different from that of plug-in package. The advantages of the product are: small volume, light weight, clear sound quality, firm structure, stable quality, high temperature resistance (over-wave soldering), saving labor hours, etc.; electromagnetic patch buzzer consumes larger current. if you want to use a smaller power consumption current, you should use a piezoelectric patch buzzer. Piezo  patch buzzers are mainly used in blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, mobile phone alarms, security, microwave ovens, induction cookers, range hoods, electric curtains, computers, automobiles, electric vehicles, motherboards, etc.


The sound of a piezoelectric ultrasonic Speaker is outside the hearing range of the human ear, that is at a frequency above 20 kHz. Mainly used in the field of bird repelling, driving dogs, repellers and so on.

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