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Alarm Buzzers

Let’s Introduce You To An Effective Audio Signaling Device, An Alarm Buzzer!

We produce an alarm buzzer that further produces a fluctuating magnetic field and causes vibration to occur. Hence, that is beneficial to be used in alarm devices, keystroke, timers, mouse click etc.

Being one of the well-known alarm buzzer manufacturers company we make sure to reduce the cost of personnel control processing and splendid quality is ensured by us. We have many sets of production equipment such as automatic machining, testing instruments etc.

The research and design team have years of experience, hence they end up at making extremely innovative designs. For, analysis we make use of simulation software. The development cycle has the 3D rapid prototyping capability. And, the main emphasis and focus is given to the customer application design.

Types of Alarm buzzers we provide:

Sirens: They are usually operated electrically, and produce a pervasive warning sound.

Bells: They usually give a reverberating sound whenever you struck them. It’s basically a hollow metal device.

Speakers: They are particularly designed to produce voice commands and penetrating tones for evacuation system. They are also referred as hooters.

Air horns: Usually compressed air is used to operate them.

Buzzers: They are operated electronically and hence produce a buzzing sound.

Since, we are the alarm buzzer manufacturers, we make sure to that our alarm systems have high sound intensity and synchronization so that they become highly beneficial for the users. Sound intensity is usually measured with decibel scale.

Being an alarm buzzer manufacturers company, the system has several features include volume control options, submersible housings, outdoor ratings, voice evacuation, intrinsically safe operation, explosion proof housings and acknowledgement.

How can you make use of alarm buzzers?

  • It can be used as a doorbell. A “ding-dong” bell that gives an alert to the family members to be prepared of greeting someone.
  • They are also used for self-defense sirens, if the thief enters in your apartment, through this alarm buzzer the guard would become able to gather the people.
  • It’s also installed in banks, malls and public security areas for multiple purposes.

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