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Piezo Ceramic Element

Changzhou Chaoyin Electronics: One of the Leading Piezoelectric Manufacturers

The piezoelectric device is something that has been designed to generate a piezoelectric effect through which certain materials can generate an alternating current (AC) voltage when subjected to either vibration or mechanical stress.

It also works in other ways. For instance, if an electrical current is run through a piezoelectric crystal, the shape of the crystal changes slightly.
The buzzer China is known to be the best piezoelectric manufacturers of China who excel in providing quality buzzer devices at the most reasonable price.

We are recognized as one of the top-quality piezoelectric manufacturers as we provide the best products in a timely manner, which is much appreciated by our customers. We check every product before supplying it to our customers to make sure they get nothing less than perfect. And, that’s how we manage to take the position of leading piezoelectric manufacturers of china.

What Are The Uses Of Piezoelectricity?

  • It is used in ultrasound equipment where electric energy is converted into mechanical vibrations fastly that high pitched sounds occur. These ultrasound vibrations can be used for cleaning, scanning, and other things.
  • In microphones, sound energy is converted into electrical energy and piezoelectric crystals help us with this factor.

How Does Our Product Work?

  • Being the leading piezoelectric manufacturers, our products are extremely balanced with piezoelectric crystals, even when they are not symmetrically arranged.
  • The effects of charges are canceled and no net charge is left in crystal faces. The opposite charges (plus and minus) cancel one another.
  • The charges get out of balance if the crystal is squeezed.
  • The effects of charges (dipole moments) no longer cancel each other. The negative and positive charges are appeared on opposite crystal faces. The squeezed crystal will produce the voltage across opposite forces, and that’s what we call piezoelectricity.

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