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SMD Magnetic Buzzer

Let’s introduce you to the wide range of magnetic buzzers:

Indisputably, buzzers are the common audio-signaling devices with more inventive technologies like magnetic buzzers and piezo buzzers. But here, our main emphasis is on magnetic buzzers. Through a voice coil, the current is driven so that a magnetic field can be produced. The voltage is applied to the coil that generates a magnetic field and further allows the diaphragm to vibrate, hence the sound is produced. There is a vibrating disk placed in the magnetic buzzer that gets attracted to the pole via the magnetic field.

What are the benefits of the SMD magnetic buzzer?

  • The SMD magnetic buzzer has a current consumption that is extremely higher.
  • The voltage value of the product corresponds to the input voltage. For different tones, the square wave frequency is equal to the operating frequency.

Magnetic buzzers operate at higher currents and lower voltages. The sound produced by a magnetic buzzer is through a movement of the ferromagnetic disk. It’s mostly a current-driven device, but the source of power is typically a voltage. The current that passes through the coil s determined by the impedance of the oil and applied voltage.

SMD magnetic buzzer is usually wrapped with a coil around the pole. It’s mounted with a metal plate and there is a short distance from one end of the pole towards another end. Hence, a magnetic field is created that further attracts the plate then. With electrical signals varying, the magnetic field also varies, and then the vibration in the plate occurs.

The footprint of SMD magnetic buzzer is small. And it’s good for mobile devices because patrons usually demand smaller tablets, phones, and electronics for their convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the SMD magnetic buzzer right now!

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