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SMD Piezzo Buzzer

Let’s introduce you to the most efficient SMD Piezo Buzzer:

Since you all know buzzers are an audio-signaling device and they are divided into two main categories, mechanical buzzers, and piezo buzzers. We have already talked about magnetic buzzers previously so now the main emphasis is given to piezo buzzers.

Well, SMD piezo buzzers have a piezoelectric vibration plate. That plate is also known as a piezo element. It has a molded case. Once the voltage is applied, the sound gets emitted, and the piezo element placed inside the case commences vibrating.

Following are the traits of SMD Piezo Buzzer:

  • The sound output is generally higher.
  • The rated frequency is higher.
  • The current consumption is usually less than 30MA.
  • The operating voltage range to run this type of buzzer is 3V-250v.

Generally, SMD piezo buzzer has wide operating voltage and higher sound output but the current used is extremely less.

Many types of applications use piezo buzzers for user input recognition, weighing machines, measurement and flow instruments, household appliances, timers, remote monitoring systems, medical equipment, portable devices and safety, and security products.

This buzzer generates suitable sound so that they can be used as input signals (including melody, multi-tone and so forth) without any built-in oscillation circuits. Because of such characteristics, they are preferred in using for multiple purposes.

Mostly, they come in SMD type, which is highly suitable and fitted for high-density mounting, small and the pin type.
So now is the time to purchase the SMD piezo buzzer from our company.

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